The land claim in Newlands

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The land claim in Newlands

Post by Admin-Constantine on Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:03 pm

As you all should know, Prime Minister Botchface recently issued a land claim in Newlands. The forum post will be found at the bottom. However, here is the claim

"As Prime Minister of The Han Dynasty, I declare, with the blessings of the Empress, the Imperial Court and our allies of the Tripartite Axis, that the land of Newlands from x54 westward to x-101 and from y2007 southward to y2319, including only land belonging to the region of Newlands, is the sovereign territory of The Han Dynasty as of the 1st of June, 2015.

Our policies regarding our claim as of the 1st of June are as follows.

Our confederates, Trivium, The Hanseatic League, and the Blackrock Orcs are free to operate within Han territory unimpeded, including settling new cities and exodusing existing ones into the region.

Unaffiliated players may continue to do as they please so long as they respect the ten square rule and do not aggress against The Han Dynasty or its allies. If they wish to join a military alliance not confederated with The Han Dynasty or a disallowed trade or social alliance, they will be required to leave Han territory. They are, of course, more than welcome to join Han, Hansa, Bro or TVM.

Training alliances that do not directly serve a military alliance outside the Tripartite Axis or Trivium, are permitted to continue operating within Han territory unimpeded, including settling and exodusing into the region. Graduates are encouraged to join an alliance in the Tripartite Axis or Trivium. Graduates who join another military alliance or a disallowed trade or social alliance will be required to leave Han territory.

Cities currently occupying Han territory are permitted to remain except for those part of an alliance which is actively aggressive towards The Han Dynasty.

Alliances currently occupying Han territory will be contacted to discuss the claim and its implications. Alliances not currently in Han territory who wish to take up residence therein must contact The Empress, the Prime Minister, the Grand Commandant or Grand Preceptor to request approval from the Imperial Court.

For questions or concerns please contact the Prime Minister

While I believe this jumped the gun (I believe we should have waited til 80% of our member mass was in this area, and we were gaining more members), it has happened and we continue on. However, we have two issues:

A) We do not have enough members in Newlands to even have this claim begin to be respected. We need to release an official Edict (that ive been requested to be released) that forces relocation of all cities outside Newlands (unless exempted by the Empress). Failure to do so should result in cutting off of assistance to those players. We have players that are setting outside of Newlands, and not even in BL! We need to show they are moving with us, or not be with us at all.
Aa) Reinstated myself as Emperor due to failure to release edicts. Released the Relocation Edict:As of 3rd of June, 2015, All Han members are hereby ordered to relocate to Newlands. Special exemptions will be made if your location is of strategic or high trade value. You will coordinate with Princess Botchface to determine your new locations.

Failure to do so will result in cutting off of all support to your citie

B) We need more members. Before, we would recruit three knowing full well that we could probably lose two due to lack of interest in the game, or lack of interest in Han. However, we've been lapsing on recruitment and we have suffered for it. We need another Edict ordering all members to recruit unaffiliateds, even newbs, and bring them into the alliance. I don't think we can wait for them to plant a second city down and teleport that in, but rather have newbs TP in as quickly as possible. We should stress that if they leave and do not join a nearby ally, they will be forcibly vacated or absorbed.

Failure to accomplish these two issues will cause us to cease being relevant in BL, and in Newlands.


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