Triviums land claim

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Triviums land claim

Post by Admin-Constantine on Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:03 am

The recent claiming of land in The Broken Lands continent, beyond the traditional claims by sovereignty and the player imposed "10 square rule" has given rise to much discussion within the chambers of TRIVIUM's capital. As an alliance based almost entirely in The Broken Lands, this claim process has caused us to put considerable focus on our own common territory. To ensure we will be able to continue our recovery unhampered, we have collectively concluded that it would be a mistake to forgo a claim. Such a claim, made by a centrally located alliance with cities of allied as well as unallied players mingled throughout a territory we are most keen on populating should be well considered as it will likely be deeply scrutinized and could be seen as a touchstone for the regions we occupy.

After much debate and discussion among the members of TRIVIUM, as well as talks with the leadership of alliances other than TRIVIUM who would be most affected by our claim, we have decided to present a land claim contained within two zones. The first zone will encompass the most obvious and logical territory that we, as an alliance now occupy. The borders of this first zone, described below will encompass the cluster of cities TRIVIUM has located in eastern Oarnamly and western New Lands. The second zone covers the entire region of Oarnamly and the greater portion of central and western New Lands, also described below.

Zone One: All cities located within the borders of this claim as of 12:01 Illyriad Time, June 6, 2015 are exempt from any action on our part. The alliance Murder of Crows, now and in the future will be exempt from the enforcement of this claim. Aside from these exemptions, TRIVIUM maintains its right to refuse settlement by Teneril Spell, Exodus or settlers. Any city found within the zone one claim borders, which is not expressly exempted as above, will be contacted. If, after a discussion between the city owner, or (if they prefer) their alliance leadership and TRIVIUM leadership the city is declared in violation of the claim, a time frame for evacuation will be assessed. All necessary resources for such evacuation will be available for the asking. Should the owner of the city in question refuse to evacuate from the zone one claim area within the alotted timeframe, TRIVIUM reserves the right to impose penalties on the city and/or use whatever means necessary to remove it from the claim area.

Zone Two: The territory located within the borders of the zone two claim are to remain expressly claim free. This exclusion includes TRIVIUM as well as all other players, alliances and confederations, allied or not allied to TRIVIUM. The claim free designation places this territory into a protectorate that is administered by TRIVIUM on behalf of all occupant cities, now or in the future within the borders of this exclusionary zone. Any land claim attempted within the borders of this exclusionary zone will be considered null and void. Any land claim enforcement attempted within the borders of this exclusionary zone will be countered by the full force of TRIVIUM.

Special Note on Resources: Protecting resources, including basic resources, basic crafting resources, rare resources and dropped arms and armor, as well as any resources that may become available in the future will remain the preogative of the cities located nearest those resources. It is the duty of said cities to remain vigilant and guard local resources from poaching, or otherwise risk losing control of those. The land claims of TRIVIUM, both phase one and phase two have no concern with respect to resources found upon the land.


Zone One:
New Lands: Beginning latitude -2100 in the north, to longitude 63 in the east,
to -2220 latitude in the south, to the west coast.

Oarnamly: Beginning latitude -1947 in the north, to longitude -255 in the west,
to -2206 latitude in the south, to the east coast.

Zone two:
New Lands: Beginning latitude -2027 in the north, to longitude 143 in the east, to the
southern and western coasts.

Oarnamly: The entire region.


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